Why Does Everything Bad Always Happens To Me?

It often happens that we feel the weight of everything bad with the world and it’s happenings on our back, sometimes toppling all our might and vigor and so when the world seems to come crashing down upon us, we get overwhelmed by its consequences and by the sheer amount of helplessness of ourselves.

Now the funny thing is that at that exact moment, our brain triggers past memories of similar situations of helplessness possibly to maybe give us an idea of how such situations(in which everything bad seems to happen) can be dealt with. Now, that is what creates an emotional upheaval and so, may come the thought, ‘everything bad happens to me’. Even though it doesn’t. Sometimes such a state of mind develops much more dangerous aspects, consequently leading to depression and in some very vital cases, suicidal thoughts.(see article on suicidal thoughts and how to cope with them)


Those events may have happened at different points of life and may have different contexts and yet they feel connected and established as frequent happenings. Such is the work of brain. And if that’s what’s happening to you, then you have came at the right place.

But so what can we really do to avoid such mentally exhaustive situations? Well if you are reading this article, then you have already cleared stage one, which is understanding your brain and how it works in stressful situations.

Why it seems that everything bad is happening?

In the context of above explanation, let’s present a clear cut example. Suppose you had a good week, where you got a lot of work done, and ran a lot of errands and were appreciated for your work, but then there were days before that, or maybe days after that, when not everything was good.

everything bad

Days in which you felt mistreated or wronged. Now suppose something bad happens to you after some days. Your brain automatically presents everything bad that happened in the past in your memory to you, and it will most probably ignore that extremely good week that you experienced. Thus, you might feel that everything bad happens to you.

Now you might have some idea of why you sometimes feel that it always happens to you, even if it may actually not.

What to do after this?

Now that you know that it’s your brain that makes you feel like such a loser, the pressure and blame is off you. Thus, the next step is to immediately think of a situation in which you performed greatly or any happy moment in which you felt blessed.

It could be about that good week and all the work you got done, think about more of them, you can even make up a few of them, the trick is to force your brain to get rid of all negative thoughts and memories. Forget about everything bad with your past and at one point, you will dismantle this whole thinking process and then become sturdy and emotionally stable enough to solve the problem at hand.

Of course this is all easier said than done, but the trick here is your own control over your mind. Now there are ways to learn to control your mind.

How to control your mind to think positive?

A positive mind and a healthy soul is required to have some kind of control over your mind, the best way to achieve it is through meditation. But meditation can sometimes be hard, so there are other things that you can try to do in day to day life like

  • Wake up early
  • Make a habit of thinking at least three positive thoughts daily.

  • Having a good and proper sleep.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Keep yourself free to do anything that you want and don’t keep a lot of bounds on yourself.

These are some of the things that can be done. But again, it all boils down to you, and your effort to lead a mentally healthy life.

So to sum up,whenever your brain tries to drown you in concatenated memories of hopelessness, just counter them with vibrant and happy thoughts and get back your reign at your own emotional health.

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